Monday, March 2, 2015


ya heres another pic but no im not going to buy a camera.
all a camera does is make me take pictures for the people back home and for my own memories.  The mission isnt for either of those things.  Its for the people here.  I know thats rough and corny and weird but ya losing the camera has helped me focus on the people here and i love it.  So ya the white spots on my face are hongos and ya i have to take pills for a month and apply a cream every night for 4 months! geez my missions gonna be over by that time haha. chiste.  Anyway also i have to wear sunscreen on my face too and have have permiso to wear a sunhat!! can you say pimpin missionary or what?!?! haha im gonna go buy one today.  Anyways the work is going well.  We were much more efficient this week with the members who came with us to each lesson.  We really thought about whose testimony could bless our investigators and it payed off.  We had such a good lesson about tithing with the family were going to baptize on the 21 of march.  But it was all because of the testimony of hermana Flor.  She stinking brought down the house.  It was such a powerful testimony.  Members are the best way to do missionary work.  The work is for everybody.  hey something cool thats going on down here is Carnival.  where we live all these people put up huge trees with knew underwear sandals and clothes hanging from the branches.  Then everyone dances around in the rain and there all muddy and take turns with an ax chopping at the tree.  When in falls everyone tries to get some knew underwear or clothes or what ever haha but ya the person who is the last cut that chops the tree down is in charge of planting the tree for next year.  Cool little tradition that the charapas do down here in the selba. (charapa means someone from the Selba) Selba=Jungle haha hope all is well back home.  Be sincere in all you do
Elder Smith

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  1. Mic Check 1. 2. 1. 2. What it due mang? Looks like fun son. Continued support and success! Love you bro. God Bless