Wednesday, October 29, 2014


tell mama anselmo shes the bomb love this family.  wish cole and ryan best of luck in their seasons


so that b-12 stuff ehh? doesnt work! im the only one with bug bites in my room and i was so sick for like the first 4 days here. whatevs ill keep taking it.  the food is great tons of rice, chicken and wierd pastries.  the jellos really good tho.  my compaƱeros name is Elder Sampson. hes the kid i met from st george in the newport temple.  hes super tight easy to get along with really good at basketball.  gosh i wish i could play basketball.  kinda strange stories but ive definitly felt twice already the lord tell me not to do any basketball or soccer.  which stinks but anyways im the district leader so thats cool.  i had everyone share there conversion/testimony/why you came on a mission story last night and all the elders got super real and everyones really close now.  its awesome.  the teachers only speak spanish so no one really knows whats going on and they all look to me because i know the most spanish somewhat.  but ya classes are cool the devotionals are amazing.  a seventy came and spoke to us last night and it was so good.  were tuned into the devotionals from provo mtc as well.  elders nelson and cook spoke to us and they were fantastic as well.  today was pday.  the temple is tiny but super awesome here.  im glad i went thru the temple so much because i can just listen to the spanish and still know whats going on.  we squeezed a zilion people on a bus to get there.  its so much fun. evrythings crazy cheap here too.  i forgot my knee brace at home but apparenty theres a mail strike going on down here right now so ya dont send anything till i get to the field.  sundays are the best days here my branch president is so rad.  its weird i feel like i know everyone here from back home.  like little traits of people remind me of everyone back home.  literally the white version of cristobal sleeps in the bunk next to me hes awesome.  ya ummm theres more i wanted to write but i dont really remember right now so love yall cant wait to see you in 23 months and 3 weeks whoop whoop!
always, Elder Smith


holy Esmeeeet!  dad the latinos here are seriously the bomb! i love talking to them.  its helps my spanish a ton and there actually super cool kids.  the spirit here is unreal i get the chills/ feel the spirit haha everytime I recite the first vision in spanish its amazing.  singing in spanish is awesome too.  tell T i use the mini spanish hymn book she gave me every day.  its perfect.  Hope alls good at home tell speny to write me or smack him upside the head!
Always, Elder Smith

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



its all good in the hood! travel was nice. 
elder smith