Monday, February 23, 2015


Good week.  We baptized our family and confirmed them yesterday.  It was great but we really fell through with our finding efforts this week which stinks.  The first part of of focus or goals as missionaries in Iquitos for 2015 is Somos Misionioneros consagrados de Proposito completo. (We are consecrated Missionaries of full purpose.) And we did not accomplish that this week.  Our purpose, o proposito, was not complete, o completo, we only focused on the baptism this week and its gonna be hard work next week because we had very few new investigators this week.  Missionary work is hard.  Being a diligent missionary does not just mean working hard,  it means working efectively.  When you do things efectively its so much more rewarding because you get so much more done.  You become a servant of the Lord de Proposito completo (with full purpose). Im not a hundred percent sure how to apply effective work at home, but i hope everyone can find a way to be a little more effective in there service to the Lord.  Serve the Lord with full purpose of heart.  Its the best way to spend your time and energy.
Elder Smith
Ps this is a pic of my zone
This was my old zone.  we were sick.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


wahoo! what a week. We married this couple thats in the picture and were so stoked!  Were going to baptize them next week with their two kids.  They are seriously the bomb.
  The work is thriving here.  Im bummed because the other couple that were working with couldnt get married in this massive matrimonio because his partida (certificate) didnt arrive in time.  Hes from a small tribe a couple hours away from here and its always hard to get the partidas of people who come from tribes.  But they accepted the date to be married in the next massive matrimonio este 21 de marzo.  But ya im bummed cuz im probably gonna get tranfered this change and wont be able to be here for that.  I only say im probably gonna get tranfered cuz im getting these weird white spots on my face i think from the sun and hermana gomez (esposa de presidente) saw them and ya there probably gonna send me to a place with a little less sol.  Like probably moyobamba.  Im praying like crazy this email jynxes all of that and i get to stay haha. ahh I love missionary work.  Its so much more fun when your doing it effectivly and with the spirit.  Right now were are all in a process of purifying ourselves as missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  we all fasted to know the things we could do better or change about ourselves and now were are fasting for 40 days of the things were werent doing so well.  Its awesome.  Its such a testimony to me because alot of people think you can just get really serious for one moment and the spirit will come and all will be akay in the lessons but its a process.  You have to work and be worthy of the spirit all day every week if you want the promise of the lord that the spirit will testify of your words.  I love the challenge to live worthily and am seeing the effects in our work.  I pray that all of you can find something to change in your lives to be more worthy of the spirit.  I promise you its worth it.  The Lord loves us so much and is always willing to forgive us.  Hope everyone has an awesome week and finds some way to serve
Elder Smith

Monday, February 9, 2015


This is a message to the Breeland Family. Sam is in shock over the sudden death of the sweet Pastor of his high school football team and father of his good friend, Jake. As a family we want to add our condolences to this incredible family. 

Speny and conner told me about mr breeland.  Unbelievable.  So sad please help there family in any way they need. amazing the love Mr. Breeland had for Christ.  I feel so bad for Jake.  Thats so hard.   We need to help there family.  He was a very good man.


well i dunno about you guys but i didnt think i would make it this far - Only 3 months and gone - Yup my camera got robbed.  haha please dont show dad this email or i might get assasinated.  Ugh i set my camera down when i was buying something at the tienda outside of parque natural y despues nada.  Ugh im such a dummie! but lets be honest how long did we really think i was gonna go for without losing the only valuable thing i had.  And right before we went in parque natural!! noooo! the animals there were so cool i wish i had pictures.  Pucha. But ya attached is one pic of our whole zone on the bridge that was above all the crocodiles.  It was sick.
Also we got mail this week! Thankyou to the Draper and Moss families.  Your Christmas cards were awesome hope all is going well.  Also T thankyou for everything! The tarjitas de los articulos de fe are gonna help alot.  And the Priesthood line of authority is so rad too. Now I can always carry it with me.  And also loved to see the pics of all the other missionaries in our stake they all look like theyre doing well.  Also got the christmas card from the pennocks.  haha only jane and nate in the photo. and then there were two... classic.  Nate looks like a stinkin man.  Geez luiz but jane still little baby girl haha just kidding you both look great.
Ok first a strange expierence for this week.  We went to visit a family se llama la familia Berospi.  When we walked in the house it was just decked out israelita.  Like everywhere.  And this women told us about this revelation she had about a straight annd narrow path which was good but then she told us how this man (who was one of the posters on the wall apeared to her and spoke to her.  His name was ezequil and i think hes some leader in there church but he looked exactly like mr miagui to me so i dunno.  But then at the end we prayed with them and they all faced the wall, kneeled, raised there hands and heads and the dad prayed for like 15 minutes.  Me and my comp just prayed on our knees, arms crossed, head bowed and listened.  It was cool to see that tradition.
Anyways the work is going very well here.  We have two couples who are going to get married this saturday.  And baptized the following saturday.  One we´ve had planned for a while but the other was because of an awesome spiritual experience this week.  We planned a family night for both of these familys in the house of member and invited the first councilor in the bishopric to come and give a small lesson about families.  It was so powerful.  This family knew marriage is ordainded of God after the Family night.  It was so special and were so excited for them.  Also we finally rescued this menos activo family that reminds me so much of Steve, Moses, and Ray.  (the mom doesnt remind me of Jessie haha) but ya this guy Junior and his wife Lisbet were rescued this week and are now getting to church every sunday and living all the gospel principles.  Its awesome.  
Wow ya alot of good things happening here.  Hope all is well back home as well.  Much love
Elder Smith

Monday, February 2, 2015


Dad wowow what a game that sounds nuts! ya that O coordinater needs to be fired.   tell hails happy birthday.  And thats so cool Jackie is living with you guys.  Everyone has a special testimony.  I know that.   Love you Dad.  Happy Birthday in 3 days! Hope you have an awesome birthday week! ill let you how my feb 5 goes.. I know itll be something special.  I had such a cool study about the priesthood the past two days and a little about bishops too.  are you of the lineage of aaron?? haha just messing love you dad!
Elder Smith 

Ahh mom your the best! Todo bien aqui.  ummm so ya im kinda just in this cycle of sickness.  its like a 7 day thing.  I have no idea what it is but its always the same and its not the taste of the food i ate and then i throw up agian.  and ya all this is like a 7 or 8 day cycle... its weird but ya.  So rad that you could see my friends always give them my love when you see them.  Tell to keep working hard.  It always pays off.  Also rad about Dallas.  Tell him hes the man and i wish him all the best.  Also so cool with Jackie! tell thats bumb shes a punk but i love her.  haha and tell her to keep speny in line.  I love you mom and dont worry about me eating out i think im going to be fine.  LOVE you 
Your son
Elder Smith