Monday, July 27, 2015



This week was a tough one.  The son of one of our investigators passed away this week in a moto accident.  only 14 years old.  We didnt have the chance to visit them at all until last night.  Hes super catholic and believes what he believes.  But last night was different.  His heart was open.  He needed peace.  Peace that doesnt come from this world.  I testified with all the strength i have of the truth of life after death.  That our process of growth and becoming does not stop when we die.  He knew there was life after death but he didnt know about the insights that only modern day revelation provides.  You could see him light up as we told him that Norman is not condemned for what he has done. (he was kinda walkng in a bad path) But that he still had the opportuniuty to grow and change.  Hermano Jose luis also told us that they receintly found out they would be having another kid as well.  What a miracle.  And we got to talk about the preexistance as well!  In Jose Luis´ closing prayer he thanked the Lord for sending us to comfort him.  For answering his prayer.  There is no better feeling than finding out you were an answer a subtle plea from one of Gods children.  I know the Lord uses insignificant ordinary people to accomplish extra ordinary tasks.  I love the opportunnity to serve.  Be the answer to someones prayer this week
Elder smith



Monday, July 20, 2015


We had some pretty stinking cool lessons this week.   One lesson in particular this week was with a young man named Jerry.  The week before we taught him about the Law of Chastity.  When we got to his room the following week he said he needed to tell us something.  While he was working the other week he said one of the older kids at his work tried to show him pornography on his phone.  Jerry said he pushed his phone away from him and told him pornography is not what God wants for him.  The kid asked why and Jerry didnt know exactly know what to say but said that he knew it was something bad in the sight of God.  And that he had two friends, an awkward gringo and a little argentinian, who would explain everything to him.  And then he asked us if he could bring his coworker to his house the next time we come so we could talk to him as well. It was so cool to see this young man acting according to what he had learned.  Jerry is 16 years old and lives alone in a little rented room that i can touch all four walls standing in the center.  His testimony is growing in our savior Jesus Christ.  He doesnt know why but he says when he reads the book of mormon and does the things we ask him to do his day goes better and he feels good about it.  Hes very excited to tell his brother and mom about the church when they return to iquitos in september.  Live what you know! the Lord will bless you every day to be able to share your faith.  Even if you dont know exactly what to say the people will be interested.  Its what they need and the Lord will let them know that.  My testimony grew this week because of the people i serve.  I love this place.  I love our faith
Elder Smith

Monday, July 13, 2015


this is the family that we just baptized receintly.  Theyre the studs i was talking about.  They received callings this week and all is going well.  If you notice i dont have my prosyliting shoes on cuz they were getting repaired haha.  I thought it was funny because my shoes are black but apparently have nike reflecters in the flash of a camera.  Were super close with this family.  Its really fun teaching them.  They were prepared for the gospel before we got to their house.  The Lord is amazing in the way he prepares the path for missionaries to come thru.  They will make it to the temple


heres some more fotos from the roof overlooking the my area and the area of venecia tambien.  Its all the houses in the water if you cant see it that well. (look to the right under Sam's elbow)


while the water is up everyones trashcan is just the water and when the water drops theres now just trash everywhere.  Im not kidding you cant walk without walking all over everyones trash its nasty.  And of course all the mud that the amazon river brings in as well mixed in with it.  But it was a good service

Monday, July 6, 2015


So this week was super difficult.  We got rejected alot.  It kinda stunk.  We tried to work in the city a little bit and the people just werent having it.  It also didnt help that Peru was playing in the american cup and everyone was watching.  Seriously the streets were empty while peru was playing and even while anyone else was playing either. i cant even imagen the world cup.  Also absolutly downpoured rain sunday morning and no body could get to church.  But our recient converts as of 2 weeks did come to church, early for there interviews with bishop. Yes! I was so stoked for them.  They are progressing so fast and have real desires to come unto Christ.  There conversion had nothing to do with us.  And all to do with their own efforts and receiving their own answers from the Holy Ghost.  For that they are real converts.  Not just baptisms.  Working can be really hard but is also more joyful than anything else Ive ever done.  Peru is the Bomb! Chau
Elder Smith