Monday, July 6, 2015


So this week was super difficult.  We got rejected alot.  It kinda stunk.  We tried to work in the city a little bit and the people just werent having it.  It also didnt help that Peru was playing in the american cup and everyone was watching.  Seriously the streets were empty while peru was playing and even while anyone else was playing either. i cant even imagen the world cup.  Also absolutly downpoured rain sunday morning and no body could get to church.  But our recient converts as of 2 weeks did come to church, early for there interviews with bishop. Yes! I was so stoked for them.  They are progressing so fast and have real desires to come unto Christ.  There conversion had nothing to do with us.  And all to do with their own efforts and receiving their own answers from the Holy Ghost.  For that they are real converts.  Not just baptisms.  Working can be really hard but is also more joyful than anything else Ive ever done.  Peru is the Bomb! Chau
Elder Smith

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