Monday, June 22, 2015


Alright.  well this week was a good one.  First of all happy fathers day.  Secondly happy bday to benz y ray.  You guys rock.  Yesterday was the dedicacion of the trujillo peru temple.  The stakecenters down here were converted into extensions of the temple and we all got to watch the transmissions.  President uchtdorf and elder bednar and elder teh came down to dedicate the temple, but also the area presidency was in the temple as well.  President useda, elder waddell, and elder godoy.  It was so special to experience the spirit of the temple again after a long while without going to the temple at all.  The spirit was very strong.  The construction of temples is such a huge sign of progress in the work of the Lord.  There were three dedicatory sessions but we only had permission to go to two of them.  All the missionaries were pretty bumbed to miss the third session and work instead because it was fathers day and everyone knew that everyone was going to be drunk and it was gonna be really hard to find lessons but me and my comp decided venga lo que venga disfrutalo. (come what may, enjoy it.)  Entonces (then) we prayed for a miracle.  To find lessons in between all the loud music and partying that was going on that day.  And we did.  It was so cool we were more productive than usual and found some pretty awesome people to teach.  I know it doesnt sound that cool but really it was something special for my companion and me because we were pretty bumbed about missing the last session but the Lord blessed us when we decided to work.  But moral of the story- Go to the temple! haha no but ya i miss the temple alot.  Its a huge privilege to have a temple close to your home.  Every time you go to the temple you will leave with a new found strength to keep pressing forward.  Its the house of the Lord. hope all is well at home
Elder Smith

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