Monday, June 8, 2015


Ya so everything is going good.  Right now the water is starting to go down so we can finally get to a new group of people whos houses are further out in the water.  Its super sketchy right now because the bridges are super high above the water because the water was super high and ya as the water goes down the bridges get more and more unstable.  Alot of bridges break and few missionaries have fallen in the amazon. haha i am yet to fall but i kinda wanna just so i can say ive swam in the amazon. haha well see.  I just got a letter from grandma myra (handwritten letters are the bomb thankyou grandma!) If i read it right scout is the name of chris and nicoles baby. But it may have been scott... not sure.  I go for scout because tkam is one of my favorite books.  Also i couldnt make out the name of rachels baby but someone let me know.  And did kyle and amy move into our ward?  If so heck yes there better be a five guys opening up real close by.  Also this week we had some pretty good service projects.  Me and my comp changed the wood floor for one of our investigators who lives in the water.  Im now basically a machine with a hammer, saw, and machete.  haha also with all of the missionaries in iquitos we passed out like 14000 liters of purified water to all of iquitos.  Not even kidding. the water was in 7 liter bottles and we definitly passed out more than 2000 bottles.  It  was super cool as well.  As always the work is going well.  We get to teach so many people every day who have so many different points of view.  Gods children vary in so many different ways but i know He loves each and every one of them individually.  Me and my companion do our best to help them understand that.  There is nothing they need more than to know that what they do matters and why. I hope all is well at home.  something we like to say down here is "el que no sirve, no sirve" see if you can figure that out.  Its kinda like a pun haha anyways go and serve!
Elder Smith

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