Monday, May 25, 2015


  ok yes i got transfered.  Im now here in the heart of iquitos, iquitos.  My area is called 28 de junio.  My comps name is Elder Portocarrero from Argentina.  Hes awesome and wants to work hard.  Its a huge difference from my old area.  Seriously there are some RICH people here who simply say i dont want to when we try to talk to them.  In my old area everything was dirt and nobody had floor in there house. and everyone was humble and let us talk with them.  But here not so much.  everything is cement and asfault.   Not very nice, like its all pretty beat up (i dunno kinda like a really tiny crowded LA)  But we also have a little part of our area called Belen.  ITS THE HOUSES ON STILTS.  Its so cool.  we literally walk on two by fours over the amazon river to get to peoples houses.  Were not aloud to go on boats as missionaries so we cant get to a lot of people right now because the waters really high.  But it is so cool.  I dont know you have to look up belen in iquitos peru.  The amazon is unreal.  The work is awesome.  We found some really awesome families who are going to get baptized in the next month.  And guess what they live in Belen haha.  the missions the best.  I love it hear. All is good mom.
Elder Smith

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