Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Wahoo! i got to see my family yesterday!! well some of them. anyways i love family. Grandpa!!!  Your 90 years old!! youve outlived every peruvian ive met!  (87 is the oldest) haha  I love you grandpa hope you have an amazing day.   I wanted to share an experience i witnessed this week.  Our relief society president is the bomb.  She made a bunch of little rose choclates for everyone who came to relief society this sunday for mothers day.  After church she gave us the rest and a bunch of names of the women (who didnt come to church) that she wasnt gonna be able to visit and give a chocolate to later that day.  She walked and delivered to all the women close to her house but we were in charge of the far ones.  I cant tell you how many women cry and greatly appreciate a little act of kindness even though they didnt come to church this Sunday.  I am certain these women who missed church are going to come next week because they truly felt loved and missed by their relief society president.  It was so cool.  Members who magnify their callings are the best.  Go the extra mile.  Love your neighbor and Serve the Lord! Hope all is well with everyone
Elder Smith

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