Thursday, April 23, 2015



O ya im finally a real missionary!  This week i had to dig out my first in grown toenail and my first pair of pants ripped.  So ya now im legit. no turning back.  But ya my toes fine and hna marylins gonna sew my pants so ya nothing special.  Its really hot and really dusty down here.  We had stake conference this week and the temple president of Lima came to speak to us.  In the middle of his talk he just broke out into song.  It was gnarly haha ive never seen anyone do that but ya his talk was so good.  In the bible, the BoM, and D&C The coming of Elías (spanish version) and turning the hearts of the fathers and the children toward eachother is mentioned.  How lucky we are to live in the time of the fulfilling of this profesy.  Get to the temple! Do family history!  Its very important not only for those who have passed away but for us as well.  Hope all is well at home and everyone has a good week
Elder Smith

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