Monday, April 13, 2015


O dad Noches de Hogar are the best!  i feel like the FHE commitee down here.  No one understands the importance of it and thinks you have to have company over to have a FHE.  Im so grateful for our regular family home evenings and the testimony i have of family.  I really think its helping people down here.  Anyways the trips all sound awesome.  Conference was amazing.  Its amazing what you can get out of it when you are really looking for guidence.  I dont think conference changed from past times, but i certainly did.  Because it meant a whole lot more to me than it ever has.  You know i always gotta be against you so i got DUKE winning it haha whos in the lead for the Pie??? Love you like crazy dad thankyou for all the help.
Elder Smith

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