Monday, April 13, 2015


Wow what a week.  My comp died (finished his mission) this week so i was without a companion until today, because today is changes.  But i had awesome support from the members and didnt miss a minute of proselyting time because everyone was so willing to help me.  Conference was so stinking good!! If you missed anything get your hands on the next Liahona and study.  I loved Eyerings first talk on fasting... something i think a lot of people take for granted.  If you think mormons think they can work there way into heaven please go listen to Uchtdorfs talk on Grace.(so good!!)  and i hope everyone got the picture of how stinking important the family is.  Its everything and im so grateful for mine.  Im also grateful for these two years i have to help others build eternal familys.  Lastly i think it was mention 3 or four times... Get off your phones in Sacrament! haha i think it was said best by Elder Oaks but i also loved the last talk on keeping the sabbath day holy where Elder Nelson (i think) mentioned it as well.  Happy Easter everyone.  I know that my redeemer lives.  Its the greatest news to share with all the world.  
Elder Smith
General Conference Gang

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