Monday, April 13, 2015


Family!  i got all the valentines cards this week.  So stinking awesome seems like almost everyone went to the party except my own fam.... haha but ya i loved all the cards so much thankyou everyone and rick yes i was waiting for that beauty.  Grandma Myra you are seriously the best.  i love receiving hand written letters from you.  wow 7 babies on the way! ¡que pumas! So awesome the Dudely Myra clan is growing bigger and stronger.  Also Beans eagle scout project is coming up already??? what a stud!  Seriously braden thats so rad your already completing your eagle.  Getting things done.  Learn wisdom in thy youth. 
Last week was changes.  Im still in my first area primavera pucallpa.  I have a new comp from belize, Elder Hernandez.  Hes rad and no one here believes him that his country exists.  Its so funny when people ask where hes from.  We are working hard in la obra de rescate (rescue work).  Weve got menos activos (less actives) out the ying yang and were doing all we can to bring them back.  at the same time using them to find new people to teach through the references.  The new "campaign" in the mission field is "Gracias a que el vive" i think its "because of him" in english but ya theres this awesome video about it that we show all our investigators and its super rad.  Sorry not too many details about the week this week but for my animal nerds (Benz and Uncle David) a chichara machaco(i think) flew into to the house of one of our menos activos this week while we were teaching.  I thought it was just a giant bug but everyone freaked out and ducked for cover when it came in.  Then we killed it with a huge stick.  But aparently this bugs got a venomous sting/bite like a snake.  They said it kills but i dunno if i believe them. Anyways lemme know.  I love all the fam so much.  Hope everyone has a good week.  Take advantage of th conference talks. There so good!
Elder Smith

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