Thursday, January 21, 2016


So me and my companion learned something really cool. - ¨Talking is not teaching¨ i believe its a quote from Elder Bednar but elder uceda is the one who repeated it to us.  You can take this quote in many different ways.  but what me and my companion have decided to do is stop talking so much and just start doing things with those that we teach.  Instead of talking a bunch about our great message and then asking them to pray latter about it, we kneel down and pray with them.  We let them express to the Lord their concerns and then we kneel in silence with them and they feel what the Lord desires.  Instead of explaining all about the book of mormon to people, we just sit down and read with them in the book of mormon.  we disect it together.  Its so cool because we are learning too the whole time.  My companion and i are coming to understand what it means to be edified with those we teach and not just try to bring them to where we are as it talks in D and C 50.  Its always interesting to talk about what they feel after they pray. Some dont feel much.  Others feel peace.  And some have real testimony building experiences.  Teaching is so much better than talking!  Cuidense todos
Elder Smith