Monday, May 18, 2015


Ya were gonna find out if i get transfered today.  I dont want to leave but i have to.  Hna Gomez called me and said because ive gotten sick twice from food i have to change my pension.  And i live with my pensionista.  Hes gonna cry if i have to change pensions.  ayaya i just need to leave and this problem goes away.  But i dont know.  if im supposed to be in primavera still im just gonna have to deal with it and find out why im still hear.  Anyways yes i had giardias but i took metronidozol (i think) it said flagyl 500 on the front too.  But ya i took that for ten days (apparently its super strong) and then got another poop analysis and it said i only have escasos de giardias.  which means traces.  So ya the pills worked.  Now im taking the probiotic 10 again and i think thats gonna strengthen my stomache and ill be fine.  But ya im good dont worry about me.  I love you mama

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