Monday, July 27, 2015


This week was a tough one.  The son of one of our investigators passed away this week in a moto accident.  only 14 years old.  We didnt have the chance to visit them at all until last night.  Hes super catholic and believes what he believes.  But last night was different.  His heart was open.  He needed peace.  Peace that doesnt come from this world.  I testified with all the strength i have of the truth of life after death.  That our process of growth and becoming does not stop when we die.  He knew there was life after death but he didnt know about the insights that only modern day revelation provides.  You could see him light up as we told him that Norman is not condemned for what he has done. (he was kinda walkng in a bad path) But that he still had the opportuniuty to grow and change.  Hermano Jose luis also told us that they receintly found out they would be having another kid as well.  What a miracle.  And we got to talk about the preexistance as well!  In Jose Luis´ closing prayer he thanked the Lord for sending us to comfort him.  For answering his prayer.  There is no better feeling than finding out you were an answer a subtle plea from one of Gods children.  I know the Lord uses insignificant ordinary people to accomplish extra ordinary tasks.  I love the opportunnity to serve.  Be the answer to someones prayer this week
Elder smith



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