Monday, February 23, 2015


Good week.  We baptized our family and confirmed them yesterday.  It was great but we really fell through with our finding efforts this week which stinks.  The first part of of focus or goals as missionaries in Iquitos for 2015 is Somos Misionioneros consagrados de Proposito completo. (We are consecrated Missionaries of full purpose.) And we did not accomplish that this week.  Our purpose, o proposito, was not complete, o completo, we only focused on the baptism this week and its gonna be hard work next week because we had very few new investigators this week.  Missionary work is hard.  Being a diligent missionary does not just mean working hard,  it means working efectively.  When you do things efectively its so much more rewarding because you get so much more done.  You become a servant of the Lord de Proposito completo (with full purpose). Im not a hundred percent sure how to apply effective work at home, but i hope everyone can find a way to be a little more effective in there service to the Lord.  Serve the Lord with full purpose of heart.  Its the best way to spend your time and energy.
Elder Smith
Ps this is a pic of my zone
This was my old zone.  we were sick.

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