Saturday, February 21, 2015


wahoo! what a week. We married this couple thats in the picture and were so stoked!  Were going to baptize them next week with their two kids.  They are seriously the bomb.
  The work is thriving here.  Im bummed because the other couple that were working with couldnt get married in this massive matrimonio because his partida (certificate) didnt arrive in time.  Hes from a small tribe a couple hours away from here and its always hard to get the partidas of people who come from tribes.  But they accepted the date to be married in the next massive matrimonio este 21 de marzo.  But ya im bummed cuz im probably gonna get tranfered this change and wont be able to be here for that.  I only say im probably gonna get tranfered cuz im getting these weird white spots on my face i think from the sun and hermana gomez (esposa de presidente) saw them and ya there probably gonna send me to a place with a little less sol.  Like probably moyobamba.  Im praying like crazy this email jynxes all of that and i get to stay haha. ahh I love missionary work.  Its so much more fun when your doing it effectivly and with the spirit.  Right now were are all in a process of purifying ourselves as missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  we all fasted to know the things we could do better or change about ourselves and now were are fasting for 40 days of the things were werent doing so well.  Its awesome.  Its such a testimony to me because alot of people think you can just get really serious for one moment and the spirit will come and all will be akay in the lessons but its a process.  You have to work and be worthy of the spirit all day every week if you want the promise of the lord that the spirit will testify of your words.  I love the challenge to live worthily and am seeing the effects in our work.  I pray that all of you can find something to change in your lives to be more worthy of the spirit.  I promise you its worth it.  The Lord loves us so much and is always willing to forgive us.  Hope everyone has an awesome week and finds some way to serve
Elder Smith

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