Monday, March 23, 2015


Ok esta semana...  We married and baptized Jorge y Maribel last Saturday.  The wedding was awesome.  Jorge was stoked on the tie i let him borrow for the wedding.  Shout out to Aunty Kristen for sending me the black and greenish tie.  That was the tie that Jorge loved so much and wore for his wedding.  Anyways so ya we married them at 10am in the stake center and there baptism was at three in the stake center as well.  So we finshed up the wedding around one, ate lunch and then came back to prepare for the baptism.  When we got back the gates were all locked and no body was inside but the alarm was going off and there was smoke coming out of the roof.  So we called the hermanas who had the keys and they came and opened it up.  When we walked in it kinda smelled like burning plastic or something so we went upstairs and opened up the capilla and it was filled with smoke.  O my gosh. it was a sweet adrenaline rush.  we started army crawling through all the stake center, opening all the windows and looking for fire.  The stake president came too and he was helping us for like 10 minutes and then he got a phone call and aparently with this hot gas they were trying to kill all the bugs that were in the building and there was no fire....bummer.  haha but ya basically my comp and i ran into a burning building or at least we thought we did.  ay ay ay but ya the smoke all cleared and the baptism went fine after that.  It was so great the testimony of hermana maribel.  After she got baptised she stood up and said "I know trials are going to come, but im going to perservere.  And my husband is too.  Were going to get to the temple"  Seriously she has such an amazing testimony and im so happy i had the oportunity to teach this family.  Well ya those were the highlights of the week.  Our mission president is coming to pucallpa this week and im stoked.  Its always so good to hear from him.  Ill let yall know how it goes.  Jessie and steve both emailed me something about their ward conference that i think all should hear.  Sometimes we think weve got a good plan for our life and were doing what we should only to find out the Lords got a competly different plan for us.  Always look for what the Lord has planned.  He will always plan for what is best for you.  Seeking, Finding, and Submitting to the Lords will is the way to go.  I know hes got a plan for every one of us and loves us more than we can imagine.  I love el Evangelio de Jesucristo
Elder Smith

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