Monday, March 16, 2015


Wow ok so were getting married next week!!! Matrimonios, i love matrimonios drinks all around!  i will send pics but im stoked for this week.  heres a weird little story that happened the other week i forgot to share.  so we went to parque natural or the zoo basically and saw all the animals in cages and ya it was cool.  But then at the end we tried to take a picture in front of the lake or pond thats in the middle of the park and it had all these lily paddies all over it so you couldnt really see the water.  But ya we were like 15 feet away from the water and im not even kidding you a crocodile jumped out of the lake at us.  hahah and we just ran for it and it just turned around and went back in the pond.  It wasnt like gigantic but it was a stinking crocodile.  im not even kidding.  It was awesome.  now i cant remember if i already wrote about this but whatever it was awesome so deserves to be written twice.   The work is amazing. I love the people of Peru.   didnt have much time to write cuz the internets not working.  love you

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