Monday, March 30, 2015


Wow this week rocked/stinked.  I got a parasite in my stomache and  that caused a bunch of Little red dots to appear on my legs and arms.  Also i got probably the worst headache ive ever had.  Seriously the night before i went into the hospital i didnt sleep for one minute cuz my head was just pounding.  It was awful and after I was in the hospital on an iv for 2 days.  I hate hospitals.  It was so uncomfortable.  And im super bummed because i missed the training from our presidnent cuz i was in the hospital.  But him and his wife came and visited me which i did not want. Ugh it was scary but ya she burned me for drinking the drinks that members and investigators have given me and not asking for boiled wáter.  But ya now im drinking boiled wáter and its kinda gross.  It tastes burnt haha i dunno.  But ya the sickness made me super tired after and i was almost sleeping in all of our lessons.  I was dying while we were walking from house to house but it was cool because between the prayers, or in the actual lessons, i didnt feel tired and teaching was normal.  I know the Lord helped me because i was praying like crazy that he would.  I know the Lord provides the portion necesary.  Its cool he gives you exactly what you need and when you need it.  You may not know when you need it but he knows when and he might test your patience a Little bit before he gives it.  This week in Principios del Evangelio (Sunday School) we learned about dones del Espiritu Santo (gifts of the Spirit).  I love what moroni says about miracles and gifts of the spirit.  If these things arent evident in our lives its not the fault of the Lord or that the Lord ceased to work these things in our days.  Only that there is a lack of faith.  The Lord Works according to our faith and i know that he will provide what ever we need if we have enough faith and patience to receive it.  I love you guys and hope everyone has a good week.
Elder Smith

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