Monday, March 9, 2015


woo ya good week this week.  We got alot done but there were a couple of changes in mission rules which are going to be hard to keep track of.  Seriously the Lord is hastening the work.  Now to have a new investigator, we have to have taught them at least twice, at least once with a member, have taught them all the restauracion, and they have to had kept there commitments to read and pray and whatever else we commit them too.  Thats just one new investagator and were supposed to have 17 each week.  Also we have a new indicator called retenidos. or retained.  After rescuing a family or baptizing a family we have to stay with them for 4 months after.  They have to have received all the lessons again, attend church on time 12 of the following 16 weeks, started there family history, the men have to have blessed or passed the sacrament, they have to have a calling and we have to work with this other form in consejo de barrio.  And of course we have all the normal indicadores.  This isnt supposed to sound like "wo its hard to be a missionary."  Its just cool to see the Lord hastening the work. The Lord puts alot of trust in his missionaries.  Seriously its a lot to do and keep track of, but hey we can either murmur or go and do.  The Lord doesnt give us commandments that are impossible to fulfill.  He will always provide a way.  The missions cool like that.  You really feel the help of the Lord everyday.  Your held to a little bit higher standards but with that i believe we can receive more power.  More strength to perform his work.  This week we found a man who truly was prepared by God for our visit.  He dreamed of the Book of Mormon already and is asking deep questions with real intent to learn.  I love people that want to learn.  Its amazing what the Lord can do with people that are humble enough to seek divine knowledge.  We have another appointment with him this week and he commited to have all of his family present in this lesson.  Were praying that they are as prepared as he is.  Ahhh no hay mucho tiempo.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE.  The gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth through the profet Jose Smith.  I know the Lord Jesus Christ directs his church through the profet thomas s monson. I Love His gospel. I hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Smith
Ps I got your valentines package mom! Thankyou i love you.  And alicia, the moss family and grandma thankyou for the cards! you guys are the best.  Brother Moss 7 sets of missionaries?!?! que pumas! haha im so happy that missionaries were diligent with moss family. 

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