Monday, November 2, 2015


here are some fotos...

 I tried to take the cool pic but it didnt work out all that well because we were above the clouds.  maybe well try again later.


This weeek we kicked booty.  The Lord helped us so much to be able to marry and baptize this family.  It was so much fun.  Im gonna send pics of saturday ( halloween!! the wedding and the baptism) it was an awesome halloween and ill try to narrarate the day with the pics. (They had to go to Pueblo Libre to marry this couple and return to Nueva Cajamarca for the baptism all on Halloween day. The following is his narration of the Marriage and Baptism of Donald and Maria.)

first: waiting in the paradero (bus stop) for the birth certificate of donald to arrive before we could go to pueblo libre  look at our halloween ties
second: Boarding the mini van to go to pueblo libre

third: the alcalde (mayor)  didnt show up and we waited in some guys motokar for like 2 hours haha the guy came and kicked us out of his moto after a while and we had to go sit on a curb. 

fourth: the wedding
fifth: the whole crew that went out to pueblo libre

sixth: going out to pueblo libre
seventh: coming back from pueblo libre.  And we baptize in a river so ya if it rains the river flows and you cant baptize.  But we prayed
(This is out of order, but he is contrasting the weather when they left for the marriage ceremony in Pueblo Libre to the weather when they returned for the baptism that cannot be done in the rain.)
eighth:The fam walking to there baptism.  O ya the rain stopped
ninth:  the whole crew at the baptism
tenth: my comp baptized donald
eleventh: helping maria into the water

twelfth: then we danced a little haha
lastly: and she got baptized (I think he forgot to upload this picture! hopefully next week.)
twas a great halloween
theres a bunch more pics but i thought these ones were cool 
Mom i love you i got to go but just know always i love you and im happy

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