Monday, October 26, 2015


Wo lots of cool stuff going on down here in Nueva Cajamarca.  Everybody is getting ready for EL NIÑO! dun dun dun.... haha you gotta look it up some phenomenon where it rains for like 3 months straight.  No ones really sure if its going to arrive here.  I heard its more for the coast but everyones still getting prepared.  Better safe then sorry.  This week were working hard to marry Donald y Maria.  This is the most rushed wedding of my life.  Were looking everywhere for birth certificates and IDs so they can get married.  Its super fun.  Were going to travel to Pueblo Libre to marry them cuz its way cheaper out there.  This family is so cool.  They are changing so fast.  They had a lot of family problems and really just had no idea how to raise their kids.  That had bad examples from there parents so it was the only way they knew how.  But weve talked a ton of The Family Proclamation for the world and have had a ton of support from the branch here in counseling them.  They are very excited.  Well see if it all works out this weekend.  Well i dont have much more time to write but yesterday we had a conference for all of peru and bolivia where Elder Neil L. Anderson addressed us.  So rad.  His spanish was the bomb!  He talked about the sacrifices people make to get to the temple.  There are only 3 temples in all of peru and Bolivia.  But his talk was powerful.  I know the temple is the place were supposed to be and it gives us the strength to keep the covenants that we have made.  Hope everyone has a good week
Elder Smith

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