Tuesday, October 13, 2015


so i went swimming this week. Nueva Cajamarca rocks.  The food here is pretty much the same as all of the jungle in peru.  Mom your gonna be so proud and jealous. haha yesterday our pensionista made us this plate called tarapulcra. You have to look in up.  Its all fishy stuff and i ate it. and i loved it. weird right? it was oysters, crab, and a bunch of other fishy stuff that i had no idea what it was.  But it was sooooo good.  You have to look up the plate to see what it is.  Nueva is really jungly.  Theres one highway that runs thru town and a little town center.  other than that its all dirt. and the animals are rad.  We played with the monkey of our investigator the other day.  O ya and we ate armadillo yesterday. ay so many things to tell but i have no time! i love you mama.

Elder Smith

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  1. Hi Sam! It's Aunt Cassie. You look so much like your Uncle Rick in this last photo (all in white). And yes, we have to get your Mom to learn how to make that fish dish :-) Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing experience. Love you, Aunt Cassie