Monday, November 16, 2015


Update on life:  So im still in Nueva Cajamarca.  My companions name is Elder Castro from Lima.  ( my first peruvian companion)  Hes straight from MTC.  I love training the newbes.  Its the best assignment there is in the mission.  Weve been having a lot of success in our area largely due to the amazing branch that we attend.  The members of our branch rock!  Seriously missionary work is so amazing when its not only the missionaries working.  This branch is exemplary and were seeing lots of fruits because of it.  Its very fun working in nueva cajamarca because its been completly dominated by adventists.  Haha every door you knock people ask you what the 4th commandment is and ask you if you love God and therefore keep His commandments.  And then try to tell you that you dont love God because you worship Him on Sunday and not on Saturday.  But weve got plastered on our wall right now "siervos de Dios no son contenciosos" (servants of God are not contentious) so ya we just love em and ask if we can share with them the restored gospel.  Our Branch president is presidente Claudio.  He is a G.  Hes a huge help for everyone and all the other branches in moyobamba and tarapoto are always asking him what is it that he does to have such a strong branch.  My pensionista is Mama Ana.  Shes pregnant with twins. like 7 months i think.  Shes big.. and by big i mean BIG.  two babies in one women.  Pretty crazy.  But shes serioulsy the best cook ever.  And she always gives us a ton of fruit.  Here in Nueva there is a ton of fruit.  The other day we went to the chacra of one of our recient converts and just walked around picking the fruits off the trees and eating them.  It was like heaven.  Just chewing sugar cain, eating mangos, oranges, cocos, limas(sweet lemons) and more. As for my birthday, no one knew.  i didnt tell anybody and we just worked normal.  But then aparently they lost my peruvian ID in iquitos and i had to go denounce it.  Ugh and there i had to say my birthday and my comp found out.  But i told him just not to say anything and he was cool about it.  Actually the day of my birthday kinda stunk.  i was kindof expecting something awesome to happen and ya nothing did.  It was actually a super dificult day where the Lord tested us a bunch.  but after the trial of faith comes the blessings and testimony.  Friday the 13th, a day latter, we went out to Naranjillos: about thirty minutes further out from Nueva.  Only one member lives out there but she comes to church every sunday.  we went because she wanted us to visit a women who had reciently lost her 3 yr old child in a motorcycle accident.  We went and taught the plan of salvation.  We read how the atonement of Jesus Christ already paid for the sins of those who sinned in ignorance and how we must repent of our sins because we dont commit them in ignorance as adults.  Her face lit up and the spirit filled the room when she realized her son was clean and that she would see him again one day.  She was with one of her friends who was holding her 4 year old child who was crippled from birth.  After the lesson they both asked if we could bless the child.  it was another very spiritual experience and they both came to church this sunday.  Were very excited to keep teaching these two new familys. No time left but ya hope all is well at home.  Lots of love down here from Peru
Elder Smith

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