Monday, November 9, 2015


so ya 19 was the mistery year... let me fill you in about the goals i had for the year and how they went

goal-learn to love fish
result-mission accomplished.  whats up i eat all fishes now
goal- dominate the food of peru
result-ive had diahrea for over a year now
goal-learn how to play soccer
result-i still havnt scored one goal
goal-be 185 pounds
result- i accompished 180 in like a month of being in the field... then came the infections and parasytes.  back to 165...
goal- love to read
result-nailed it. 
goal- chest hair
result-smoother than a babies bottom
goal-be able to grow a sweet beard
result-lets just say i still use the razor i used in the mtc... and ive used it like 6 times
goal-remain better looking than spencer
result- dang that kids a dime.  id put myself at like a 4 now a days
ya you could say i have learned to dominate my goals.  
o ya and apparently we all get to pick something that everyone has to do on our birthdays.  best tradition ever.  next week i want videos of everyone nailing a fieldgoal from the 10 yard line... at least.  
sweet. peace out family.  i love you guys

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