Monday, July 18, 2016


This week we were in Pucallpa.  We trained, met with the stake president, and did some visits with the missionaries.  The visits went really well.  I got to visit one of my old areas and see some people progressing more and more in the gospel.  The meeting with the stake presidency went very well.  The stake president is super young and animated.  He was really excited to start doing more activities with the missionaries.  We gave him the idea to get the mormon helping hands jersey things and start looking for service projects to do as a stake with the support of the missionaries.  He was really excited about the idea.  The training also went really well.  I talked about how to put off the natural man or overcome the natural man.  I really like a quote from Richard G Scott that says "we become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to be become, every day"  I talked about how we shouldnt feel hopeless or defeated if we have sinful desires.  Because its natural.  It is our tendency as "fallen men" to sin. Therefore it requires daily conscious decisions to overcome the "natural man" tendencies that we may have.  Theres a little bit more to it but ya thats kind of the jist of it.  Hopefully it makes a little bit of sense.  Anyways, things keep moving on.  Its really fun getting to know President Li more and more.  He is a spiritual giant.  Im excited to keep learning from him.
Elder Smith   

Sister Li takes fotos wherever we go.  I will get them off her tablet soon.  I still havnt gotten the opportunity to sit down with president Li alone.  But its looking like it might be too late to even solicite an extension of my mission.  Well see tho.  This week ill have the exact date.  This week i got a package from Hermana Jackie (From Pucallpa) the one who was like my nurse for the first 3 months of my mission.  She wrote me such a sweet letter and sent some chocolates and stuff.  I was so stoked.  She was like my mom while i was in Pucallpa. A little tender mercy that i needed from the Lord.  I love you mom

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