Sunday, July 10, 2016


So this week was consejo de lideres.  It was awesome.  we trained about getting the job done.  I found this talk called the principle of work by Elder Stanley and i loved it.  it talks about a guy who went and did service after a hurricane in florida.  he says "all i did was cut up trees that were blown down by a hurricane"  Then the guy giving the talk says "brethren cutting trees is more important than thinking about cutting trees or planning to cut trees"  I love that thought so much.  The kind of guy that Elder Stanley describes in the talk is the guy who just knows how to get it done.  People who know how to work hard.  It made me think of Kolton Osborn.  Such a good example of work.  Also this week weve been going with president Li to meet with the stake presidents and talk about the work.  Its been very special to be around such spiritual monsters.  Seriously, there are some studly men down here in the jungle of Peru.  We talked about how to aline the keys of the stake president with the keys of the mission president.  One thing that President Li has changed in our mission already is that we can now go to ward missionary activities.  Before we couldnt.  We were very focused on proselyting with all the time we had, which i loved.  But president Li, coming from Lima, has great new ideas about how to work better with the members.  I think theres going to be a big boom again in the mission work down here soon.  Were all really excited.  this next week were headed to Pucallpa for the first time with President Li.  Should be awesome.  Hope all is well
Elder Smith

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