Saturday, July 2, 2016


So this last tuesday president Gomez headed for Mexico and President Li came to preside the mission.  All is going very well.  President Li and his wife are converts.  They were already married before they were baptized so niether of them has much mission experience.  Zones, districts, daily or weekly planning, agendas, pday. there all things theyve never really heard of.  One of them was actually quite funny yesterday i told them they were going to have their first pday today.  But they understood "pide" which comes from the word pedir which means to ask.  So she thought i was saying their first ask or something like that. i dont know it didnt make much sense but it was funny.  But the cool thing is that they are both super humble and at the same time just ready to go.  President Li is so cool.  These next few weeks and months are going to be really special alongside him.  well thats the big news everything else is going well as well.  The work rolls on.  I love it
Elder Smith

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