Monday, March 14, 2016


The streak is alive! My new companion is elder plaza.  Hes from Ecuador.  The very city of Quito dadio. (Kent served his mission in Quito)  Hes an awesome guy.  Hes very direct with me and is helping me in a lot of things that i need to make better.  This week we had consejo de lideres and we talked about how to increase the faith of the missionarys.  i spoke about how as we experiment on the word, the word grows (we receive more light/knowledge) and naturally the faith grows along with it.  In the mission we are now more focused in teaching our missionaries the doctrine of the restored gospel and helping them in their personal and companionship studies.  We talked also about the famous quote (not sure who said it) ¨we need not worry so much about how, when, and why.  Instead ask the question; why not?¨  It was really rejuvinating this last consejo.  Everyones a little bit more excited to just trust in the Lord and work.  This change is gonna be a good one!  Cuidense todos
Elder Smith

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