Monday, March 21, 2016


Me and my companion talk to everybody.  Before i was always trying to be super efficient in working with members to find people and i know that it is where we can find people prepared to be baptized but im having a lot more fun sharing the gospel with Everyone.  We still focus on working with members to find but we also talk to every family we see in the street and we teach them right away.  The day flys by super fast when your always teaching and its a little hard to keep record of everybody, but hey i feel alot happier.  This week we found Deyvid and Jaenz.  2 brothers who are both in their 20s who came to church this sunday.  We found them and taught with a return missionary from the YSA and the next day he took them to an activity with the YSA.  It was super awesome.  We also found a family, Jon and Brenda.  We just knocked the door and it was completly dark.  Brenda opened the door and let us in right away.  Jon was laying in the bed right next to the door with the mosquito net over him and his voice sounded super week.  We taught about faith and asked him sit up in his bed and kneel down.  He did so and we taught him how to offer up a plea to our Father in Heaven.  He did so as well and then layed back down.  Jons fine now.  They said he had Dengue but he is recovered.  We saw the hand of the Lord comfort this man.  it was very special. God loves His children.  I know this is His work.
Elder Smith

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