Monday, March 7, 2016


Everyone always talks about Puentes flotantes, floating bridges, and i always thought i had walked on those while i was in belen.  But i was wrong. those bridges were stable and firm in the ground.  Floating bridges are actually what they seem. Literally just a planck floating on a log that rises and falls as the water rises and falls.  It feels like your walking in a tiny canoe.  Its so sick.  Its really funny because me and muñoz, being the telly tubbies that we are, cant walk within 20 feet of eachother or the bridges sink under.  haha weve soaked our feet a bunch but havent fallen in yet. 
 As i have mentioned my area, Bellavista, is a flooding area.  And the water is rising.  we got rocked this last week in a lesson out in the boondies when it started to rain and everything flooded and we had to walk out in water up to our shins. (the pics from that day)

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