Monday, September 14, 2015


wow this week was awesome and i want to write about all of it but i dont have much time.  First, one of the elders i live with thought i had an ingrown toenail and tried to pull it out but couldnt.  I was screaming bloody murder.  We went to the doctor and she laughed and said "thats not ingrown, you were trying to rip the nerve out of the bottom of your toe nail." yes it hurt. 
we had so many spiritual experiences this week and there all in my journal so all is good.  But i will just say this, that spiritual power is proof of a divine calling.  Its nothing special what we do for ourselves, but yes my companion and i have been called by god through a living day prophet and we do what we should.  Then He works through us and does the rest.  We are seeing miracles in our area.  I love this this place and i am happy
Elder Smith

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