Monday, September 7, 2015


This week was a strange one.  So theres been some problems with some oil companies down here in Loreto.  so guess what?.. STRIKE!!!! ah it all made me think of newsies so much.  Strike is called paro down here.  And everyone marches down the street chanting.  Un pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido!! (one people, united, will never be overcome) In the streets theres people comissioned or paid by the public companies (who started the paros) basically just to cause havoc.  If theres a store open or if someones driving there moto they stop it and pop there tires and stuff.  There were five motocars burned in the plaza in front of our house.  It was nuts but cool. we proselyted with only the book of mormon in our hand because we didnt want to carry a bag where anyone would think they could rob us.  But ya all the normal people and families were just chilling at home because there was no work so they were good days to teach.  and the paro worked.  Loreto got what they wanted and now there wont be any paros anymore.  so that was good.  Anyways,  this last week was a good one.  we had a buch of people investigating the church in the chapel this sunday.  one whos name is miguel angel.  we call him the arcangel.  He is super rad and is trying very hard to receive an answer to his prayer if the book of mormon is true or not.  Hes stopped drinking which was very hard for him but i know that with all of his efforts he will receive his answer.  Its really interesting how the Lord works.  Some people receive there answer almost immediatly and others it just takes a while.  Im not sure why the Lord works the way he does but yes i do know that sometimes his blessings do require a little bit of patience.  I hope miguel stays patient and keeps searching as well as i hope for all those at home searching for something from the Lord.  Patience is a divine virtue almost always required to receive something from the Lord.  have a good week all
Elder smith

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