Monday, September 21, 2015


So heres a little funny experience.  8:55am, five minutes before church starts and a huge bus rolls in and out walk 26 giant white people.  Yup a giant caravan from utah who was taking a tour down the amazon river decided to take a stop sunday morning to go to church in  28 de Julio ward. haha it was so funny they filled up the whole stinkin church.  Geez laweez seriously gringos are humongous.  They were so great tho.  Only a few spoke spanish and they were all worried about the water in the sacrament cups.  "is this water sanitary? it looks questionable to me?" haha we assured them it was fine. They all wanted to take pictures of me it was kindof weird.  One guy took my moms name and phone number and said he was going to call. haha so just be expecting that soon mom.  This week was awesome.  I think a few weeks ago i wrote about Miguel Angel and how he is struggling to find a answer.  How the Lord sometimes just makes us work for a while.  Well this week another guy Germano only had to pray one time after reading the book of mormon and bang!  He told me his whole chest filled with emotion.  He couldnt describe it but said he knows the book of mormon is true.  Very interesting how the Lord works in answering peoples prayers.  Anyways more on the Miguel Angel story.  We taught him last night and i shared a scripture with him that says we dont look for Christ or believe in him because we have seen a sign, but because we have partaken of the bread and it filled us (i think... thats translating it from spanish) He told us how his faith has grown and how hes happier and this good stuff but still thinks when he prays an answer doesnt come.  So thats why we shared that scripture.  Then we knelt down and prayed together and he ask the Lord if he should be baptized.  He didnt stand up for a few minutes after his prayer and we left him with the spirit to ponder for a while.  well see how he feels tomoro.  The work is being hastened! We all got to do our part. Hope everyone has a good week
Elder Smith

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