Monday, December 15, 2014

JOY IN SERVING and a few personal issues...oh boy

The work is moving foward! Great week with Elder Roque. Baptised little Carlito and commited another woman Karina last night to her baptism.  All is good.  This week in my first consejo de barrio, ward council, i almost died.  My stomach was literally killing me and i had to go to bathroom so bad but there was no toilet paper in the church bathroom.  then all the sudden i turned around in the bishops office and sitting behind me on a little table was half a role of toilet paper.  Haha i grabbed it said permiso to everyone in the consejo and bounced.  So embarrassing but i think im gonna be ok.  Anyway ive had diahrea since which stinks but i think im getting over it. haha the people here are so nice.  the members of the ward are such a big help.  Some families literally love the missionaries.  I kid you not a family brought us over to there house to have a slice of this kids birthday cake before the party because we couldnt attend the party.  They cut the cake early and watched me and elder Roque eat while they just sat and talked with us.  There nuts!  There so nice and willing to help.  Evrything we do is through the members and its amazingly helpful.  Be sure to go out with the missionaries to teach.  Members can make such a difference in lessons.  Please help me and pray for me in regards the spanish language.  Its so hard to help when you cant understand or speak very well. But i know its going to come.  Thankyou for all the prayers already love you guys have a good week!
Elder Smith

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