Thursday, December 4, 2014


What a week! Next time i email ill be in iquitos! thats legit, alright first the funny stuff.  so we took district pictures with presidente and his wife and two of the guys in our district made funny faces in them.  so they called our whole district into hermana gonzalez's tiny little office and pulled up the pictures.  she then zooms all the way in so there two faces are taking up the whole screen and our whole district just busted up laughing.  it was seriously the hardest thing in the world trying not to laugh.  and presidente and his wife are just drop dead serious.  it was so bad and of course it was my companion and were zone leaders so we have to talk to presidente alot which is now no fun and there not even going to hang our picture on the wall and we dont get a copy so its basically like we never came... haha but ya it was hilarious there faces were rediculous.  As of right now i am the reining champion in foosball and pingpong here at the CCM.  its whatever haha except for that presidente kicked my bum in pingpong the one time we played but the net was too high you know threw off my game haha hopefully i can play him again.  but ya the ccm is getting a little old.  im stoked to leave next tuesday.  Anyways the temple was amazing as usual. this was the last time ill be able to go probably for a year which really stinks.  But it was a perfect last time.  We had Two awesome devotionals this week from Elders Oaks and Holland.  Im sure we've all heard it, but i love this quote from Elder Holland "Salvation is not easy, it was never easy."  Our saviors task was never easy for him and we and doing His work.  why should it ever be easy for us?  this pumps me up to take on the trials that are ahead.  Elder Oaks talked about being instruments in the Lords hands. Being servants of the Lord.  That means we perform His work on His time table and in His way.  I love having the spirit so close to be able to help me with these things. Oh also me and another kid in my district, not my compañero, were asked to demonstrate teaching an opening lesson in front of all of the new latinos this last week.  LATINOS... they know spanish and were supposed to be helping them?   it was rediculous .  But ya im a little nervous about the language but then again nahhhh i know i dont know it as well as i think i do here in the ccm but if im nervous and going to be taken back then some of the other elders in my district are actually going to die because some of them know next to nothing.  it is crazy to think that they are going to be speaking fluent spanish in like 6 months.  Crazy but ya everyone says Iquitos speaks different than everywhere else.  supposedly they kind of sing/talk and also they speak with a different order to their sentences and they dont pronounce f's.  weird right? i dunno well see.  K sweet Next emails coming from the campo! the real deal! im stoked cant wait to get started! Love you all
Elder Smith

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