Tuesday, December 9, 2014


"Hey guys i got an idea. when elder smith gets here lets all talk really quiet and fast and make sure theres a bunch of distractions during his lessons so he cant understand a thing" Im like 98 percent sure this was said in a town meeting of Pulcalpa before i got here.  O my gosh why cant everyone just speak with a little clarity!? ugh anyways ya Pucalpa, Centenario is my first area.  its the furthest south zone in all the mission which you´d think would mean the coolest as well... its not.  everyone calls it the inferno.  its the dryest heat in all the mission.  its rediculous haha but i love it.  our area/ward is Primavera and mi compañero es elder Roque.  Hes from Honduras and hes legit!  He knows everybody and they all love him.  Its so weird being just a little tag along at the beginning because i dont know much spanish and i dont know the area at all.  O ya and Roque speaks 0 english which is cool...  So ya planning and companionship study is pretty hard, but not too bad.  We live in a little outhouse on the same property as Pedro y Martha.  Theyre our pensionistas. There super cool and have a little dog named dokie who is the best! Theres a bunch of chickens on there property too.  its nice cuz we eat in there house so ours never gets dirty from food.  Our house is tiny but its really organized.  Of all the missionaries, at leat in pulcalpa, ours is the smallest.  i like it though.  just two little rooms and a shower.  the showers freezing.  You know how shower heads have a bunch of little holes for the water to shoot out? ya ours has that too except it only shoots out of like 6 of them.  haha it takes for ever.  Anyways about the week... so when i first left lima there were nine of us who went to iquitos.  We ate at the mission home and had a little bit of training and stuff and then everyone got companions and got to work.  However me elder Sampson and Elder Asmad were all in zones that we had to fly to.  Moyobamba, Tarapoto, y Pulcalpa.   So we joined other companionships for the night.  I was with Elder Overstreet and Carillo who both only had one or two tranfers left in there mission.  We taught two lessons and it was all good.  then we went to there apartment and there was only two beds.  i was trippin because this place was distgusting.  But then we found a waterlogged matress on there balcony so está bien.  Anyways the next morning i flew to Pulcalpa to get to work.  Its all been good so far.  everyone is so nice and gives us drinks and food when we visit.  a lot of the times the chairs are like 6 inches off the ground which is so hard to sit in haha.  i love it though.  In all seriousness this work is hard.  i am struggling with language but i know itll all come with time.  Yesterday was stake conference for all of Pulcalpa and the area seventy Elder Wadell came and reorganzied the stake presidency.  there were so many people there.  All of the missionaries were standing in the back packed against a wall.  Elder Wadell was legit though.  i could actually understand him because he was a white person that spoke spanish which was cool.  alot more clarity.  He talked alot about the priesthood and progressing and how all we do is to lead to the temple and eternal life.  So much more but i dont have much time left.  anyways all is good i hope all is well back home love you guys
Elder Smith

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