Monday, February 8, 2016


This week was an awesome one.  In church EVERYONE showed up.  It was
so awesome to see all  the people that we work with in church.  Even some
brought new friends who are interested in the gospel.  Pablo, from the
family that was receintly baptized blessed the sacrament.  He was very
nervous but did great.  His wife was also in church and their kids are
adapting more and more to the church.  One of our recent converts,
Rider, received the melquesidic priesthood as well.  He accompanied us
at the beginning of the week to go visit Pablo y Kati and we found out
that he had had the same experience as Kati. My goodness 2 of his kids
had passed away as well and for that he was separated from his wife.
He bore such pure testimony of the healing power of the atonement.
Hes only been a convert for 4 months but we study hard core with him
even in Preach my Gospel cuz hes an ex evangelico pastor.  Hes so rad
and is even now working things out with his wife and has asked us to
go visit her this week.  We are super excited about the people in our
area.  Ill write about others next week because theyre all so special
and deserve giant paragraphs to be written about them!  Hope all is
well as home
Elder Smith

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