Monday, February 1, 2016


A week ago we baptized the zambrano soria family(there in the pics) Pablo, Kati, and Pablito.

We had our bishop and our recient convert elders quorum president to baptize them.  
Pablo and Kati have had some big problems in the past.  She really doubts that the type of change that Pablo has had is possible.  He was a marine and an absolutly awful guy.  Their 1 yearold kid passed away about 2 months ago and that was when we found him.  He was drunk and she was torn apart.  We set up a time to talk with them and taught them the plan of salvation.   They dont quite comprehend it perfectly but they have felt a huge change in their lives.  I cant even describe the miracle the took place inside of Pablo.  Hes not the Pablo that he was 2 months ago.  His repentence was hard.  Very very hard.  But he did it.  The Spirit acted inside him and changed his very nature.  He still has awful friends that mess with him and try to get him to fall again but he just loves telling us the stories about how he escapes sketchy situations.  Weve gone out to prosylite with him two times and both times old marine friends have passed on motos and screamed at us and him.  He just laughs and shakes his head.  Pablo is so amazing.  He was molded by the Lord because of his humility.  It is very sad that they were compelled to be humbled and couldnt humle themselves before but i know the Lord has a plan.  We are working so this family can be eternal. I pray all will go well and that we can all humble ourselves to be changed by the Lord.  For this purpose He came to this earth.
Elder Smith

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