Monday, December 7, 2015


so me and my comp had a cool experience this week.  We were walking out in the boondies.  super far from the city where there arent a lot of houses to visit an investigador in hopes of finding her husband for the first time.  Up until then we had only taught her and her kids.  just before we got to her house we started to hear gun shots from a pistol (says my companion)  and some guy screaming venga a comer! my comp got super scared and wanted to go back home.  I told him elder listen to the spirit if the spirit tells us to turn back well go back.  we just kept walking and went right past this guys house.  He was drunk and on top of his roof.  we passed right under him and got to Isela and Segundos house.  They were pretty scared of what was happening outside.  But ya we finally found her husband and we were able to comfort them and there kids. Now we have a whole new family that is hearing the restored gospel for the first time in there lives.  The Lords protects us as we do his work.  I know this is kind of a weird experience but it was very special for my companion and I.  Being new in the mission my comp was frightened but the he said the moment i told him to listen to the spirit he knew we would be fine.  Im so greatful for the gift of the holy ghost in my life
Elder Smith
 heres a couple of good fishing fotos for yall as well

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