Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas with my new compi

Ok just to let yall know. I got transfered:(  Im now back in Iquitos in a place called Punchana.  My ward and area is called Bellavista.  We are right on the amazon in my area.  Its like a pennisula kinda.  But its super rad and raining alot.  The water is coming up quick and we are going to be helping put up the bridges soon so we can we can walk around in our area because sadly it is against mision rules to go around in canoe.  Anyways my new companion is elder Muñoz.  Hes from Nebraska making him my first gringo companion! keeping my streak alive of never having 2 companions from the same place.  Ive had comps from honduras, bolivia,belize, argentina, colombia, mexico, peru and now the USA.  i just need someone from ecuador or paraguay or chile or something.  Its pretty cool having companions from all over because the way i speak always changes with all of them.  I always immitate how they speak.  It was really funny when i went to nueva cajamarca everyone made fun of me for speaking like a columbian because i dropped all my s´s.  (just like my anterior comp had done)  

Pucha my times up and these pics are taking forever to load.  Internet in Punchana is so slow.  But ya ive got a bunch of cool pics to send and stories to tell but theyll be for some other time.  
Love you all. have a good week
Elder Smith

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