Monday, August 17, 2015


Bueno... all is well in iquitos.  I have a new companion named Elder Jimenez.  He is from Columbia.  Im not sure what language they speak in columbia but it certainly is not spanish.  hes the only columbian in the mission and even the latinos struggle to understand him... so just imagine us gringitos. jaja but its all good im starting to understand him more and more every day.  Hes super rad and a crazy good soccer player.  Last monday after i wrote home i went back to the michigan state clinic down here in iquitos to translate.  This time i was in dermatology for half the time and in pediatrics after.  In dermatology i saw some nasty stuff...  Ayaya everyones skin and nails just goes bad when you sweat a ton and your in the sun all day.  One girl had a huge cyst behind her ear and the doc used all this fancy termonolgy to say that they were going to surgically remove it and was just like "wulp ya they gonna cut the thing off right here right now" haha she was a little frightened but i told her she wouldnt feel a thing and they were going to take her to the little surgery room.  Then i went over to pediatrics and literally every person came in with the exact same story.  "My kid wont eat anything!" carumbus.  we gave everyone vitamines and all was good.  Except for one baby who had a gnarly hernia.  And it was like coming out of her belly button.  That was pretty interesting.  But hey all was a good expierence.  One of the students commented to me that the head doctor that he works for in michigan is mormom and has a big family and that there all "Just such good people"  People see the way you live your life! i promise, Be an example of the believers.  Do good in the world today
Elder Smith

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