Monday, August 3, 2015


We have pension for breakfast lunch and dinner.  A lot of chicken and alot of rice.  Thats pretty much all i got to say about that.  Ive learned how to make juanes, tacacho, and some other things.  You guys should make tacacho one night as a fam.  Its fried plantains smooshed oiled and then rolled into balls.  I love them.  Tell uncle david my comp was stressing out during a lesson we had in the water cuz he was certain the noise under the house was of a mother crocodile.  Haha im pretty sure it was just a frog but i dont know any difference.  My knees busted but its ok i can still have fun.  Right now i live with four missionaries including the zone leaders... but theyre super rad.   Were all just learning one day at a time.   say hi to coach lee for me. sorry i didnt have much time to write but i absolutly love you mom!   Love Love Love.
Elder Smith

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