Monday, January 26, 2015


So ya story time.  Yesterday we went to go pick up our investigators before church and ya i dunno i guess i wasnt feeling all that well.  But we were sitting in their house talking to the husband while his kids and wife were still getting ready and then all the sudden i felt real bad.  I ran out of the house and just threw up everywhere in the street.  It was nasty and everyone was watching haha.  But ya so now i had a bunch of throw up all over the bottom of my pants and shoes which was gross.  But they brought me some toilet paper we wiped it off and went to church.  twas a good morning.  Anyways attached are two photos: one of the whole lot where we live. 
Our house is the little casa in the back but we eat in the big house to the right.  The other is the inside of our house.  Thats one room and then we have another room too same size.  Its awesome.
Yesterday we had an Obra de Rescate or Blitz where all the missionaries go out with different members of the ward to rescue all the less actives.  I went out with one of our conversos recientes (recent converts) and the bishops son.  Our converso reciente was baptized in december, really shy, and ya doesnt talk.  And the Bishops kid is 13 years old.  So ya i was kinda on my own. and i was just praying my guts out the Lord would help me with language at this time. But it was super cool.  The gift of tongues was with me man.  It was so awesome the conversation and lesson we had with this man Rusbel.  Dad i used your lesson from Cabo at the end of matthew 11.  My yoke is easy and my burden light.  I told him we were gonna read and i was gonna pause him every time i wanted to talk.  Haha he was totally laughing when i paused him after the first word: Venid. "hermano Rusbel que typo de palabra es la palabra venid?"  And ya from there on the Spirit came and he understood that to come unto Christ requires action on our part.  Come=Venid is an action word!  And he needed to get his booty to church!  Haha well see though hopefully he will come next week.
Anyways hope all is well at home keep me posted on all the good stuff! Love you guys
Elder Smith

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