Wednesday, November 5, 2014


holy benz you own!! I think the further i get away the better you race cuz every race i go to you dont do so hot haha so ya definitly a correlation in that. Anyways whats good??? All good here in Lima.  Today we went to the temple again.  then we went to Tottus, Metros, this little temple store, and garajes.  Garajes has sweet soccer jerseys for 20 sols which is like 7 bucks its rad.  i got guerreros jersey on the peruvian national team.  hes supposed to be awesome but peru kinda stinks at soccer so ya whatever its a dope jersey.  the temple store has sweet scripture cases and ties and coin purses that are super rad and then metros and tottus are like grocery stores.  the buses and traffic are so fun here.  basically trafic rules are dont get hit.  you seriously can just run across the street whenever.  and everyone just flies around and honks for no reason its awesome.  steve you were so right about the shower sandals.  there always still wet in the mornings so i picked up some sweet army crock thingys this morning to use for shower sandles and now the other ones are just comfy shoes haha.  also dad theres no choir here.  theres only like 130 people here total.  like 60 percent latinos and 40 percent americans.  and then one kid from england haha hes legit.  the north americans stay for six weeks and the latinos stay for two so we said bye to all the latinos we came with yesterday.  that was actually sad they all wanted to trade me ties and i was like nahhhh... just kidding i traded.  i love the latinos tho there so funny. this kid elder chacon used to yell out the window every night "I mees my yerlfreend ayudame!!" hahaha more of a had to be there moment but he was rad.  anyways to more important stuff.  PRAY.  my goodness is the ability to pray one of the greatest things the lord has given us.  Prayers have become so real. so essential for investigators and therefore essential for you. at first you realize how much you need the lord and your on your knees for 10 minutes begging him to help you and then all the sudden you get smacked in the face by a devotional from Elder Richard G Sott about gratitud and your on your knees for 10 minutes thanking the Lord for what youve been given. Theres so much to thank the lord for. I love it.  I love the scriptures the Lord really does speak back to us through the scriptures. you just gotta read. i loved being able to work in the temple before i left because i know exactly whats going on in the temple here even tho there speaking spanish. and is allows me to focus more on the spirit than the words. This temple is so cool. one srcipture I´d like to share that i thought was really cool is matthew 28:19-20  check the footnote on the word teach.  also in the spanish scriptures it says hacer disipoles de (i dont know why i cant spell disciples in spanish) but ya were not out here to only teach. were here to make disciples of others.  thats the issue here in peru.  you can baptize millions but its retention that is so dificult so they stress making diciples of investigadores.  anyways love you all speny if you dont write me im sending someone to take you out! Love you buddy
Always, Elder Smith

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