Wednesday, November 19, 2014


ook whats up eerybodddy??? whi duz evry1 keeep makiin fun of the way spel?? haha were pressed for time to write so i have to write fast no judging! anyways me and my comañero are now the zone leaders over half the north ameicans in the ccm which is cool but then again not really we dont do much. im not sure if i wrote home about this yet but its something we all need to know so gonna double check.. anytime you tell a latino your going to iquitos they do one of two things: 1st they fake fall over cuz of a heat stroke and tell you how hot its going to be or second they cover there eyes and scream "castidad!" (chastity!)  cuz apparently everyone walks around naked in iquitos. so ya thats gonna be sweet hopefully the missionaries really embrace the culture there. haha DAD i joined the choir! haha President Evans (head over all missionary work in the first quorum of the seventy) came to speak to us so they put together a choir and i totally rocked.  basically carried the team haha actually im not good we had so many good singers tho it was awesome.  we sang "señor te necesito" and it was so good.  president evans is such a good speaker.  so simple and so clear.  he spoke twice and in the first one he talked about tenacity.  weird right?  he said one night president Uchtdorf called him and asked about that word being a Christlike attribute which i thought was really interesting cuz it kinda seems alot like diligence but i dunno.  his talk was awesome he quoted President Holland who qouted an Olympic swimmer about how he became so good at swimming. he said "I kicked when i didnt want to kick. i stroked when i didnt want to stroke" such a good quote for missionaries.  In the second time he spoke he talked about repentence which was so money.  i wish i could write everything i have down about it it was so good.  but check out king benjamins speech in mosiah and look for scriptures on repentence there super good.  he talked about how we withdraw ourselves from the lord.  its not the lord moving away from us when we sin.  i think thats mosiah 2:36 not sure tho.  Has anyone seen Ephraims Rescue? awesome movie.  theres a quote at the end i want to leave you all with from President Thomas S. Monson. it says "when you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to feel, you can reach out and rescue others." always remeber to serve love you guys have a good week
Elder Smith

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