Wednesday, September 21, 2016


mom are you seated? maybe it would be good to drink a hot chocolate or something before continuing... seriously go drink a hot coco.

well the other day we were doing the transfers with president Li, we had already picked the new assistant and done almost all of the transfers, and then all of the sudden president shouted "wait your going to stay until november right?"... It was as if he had seen a ghost when it dawned on him.  i told him no and that we had already spoken about this but he got really really but really worried. (thats how us latinos speak).  it was super strange and he is now doing all he can to have me stay. i told him if he felt that strongly about it he could go ahead.  as you know the flight has already been bought (you have the itinerary) but hes calling salt lake tomoro to see what he can do.  So ya i dont know how its going to turn out im really confused, but put things on pause for now.  However it goes i will make the best of it.  Im sorry for the inconvenience.  Hope the hot coco was good.  Love you mom
Elder Smith

its been nuts but yes i am coming home in october.  tomoro i will write about the week but before that could you send me a bunch of pics of before the mission.  like as a child, sports, high school, and the fam.  that would be rad.
love you

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