Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This last week we were in Pucallpa.  I got the opportunity to work with Elder Jimenez (one of my old companions) in his new area.  He just become a zone leader this last transfer and he has become an excellent teacher and missionary.  It was really special to see his growth in this last year.  While we were in Pucallpa we also trained all of the leaders.  I was to train about verifying commitments and was sitting meditating before the training trying to think of a good way to start off and an old memory came to my head.  Im not sure if it was road show or stake youth conference but in one testimony meeting with all of the youth a women from our ward, not sure what her name was i think she moved (she had redish hair and was a crazy good singer, like profesional i think)  Anyways she mentioned how after a big activity in the church, like stake conference or road show, we all are on a "spiritual high."  She compared it to pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven:  Right when you pull them out they are hot and soft and super delicious but with time the cookies turn into hocky pucks.  She called it the "chocolate chip cookie effect"  So i spoke about the "efecto galleta chocochip" It was a funny little way to start and it was cool because everyone who trained after me related their training to that little analogy as well.  Yesterday  Elder Lezano, an area seventy here in Peru, came and trained all of the members of ward council here in iquitos.  He talked about how to govern, direct, and control the church. (thats translation from spanish, not sure if thats what the scripture says in english) but it was super cool.  The church is so perfectly organized.  All of the authorities who come to answer questions of the members and leaders here have such a sound understanding of the doctrine and organization of the church.  They take these BIG questions that the members have and make it seem as if a child could have figured out the answer.  This coming week should be really good.  We are not traveling so we will be focused here in our area.  We are currently teaching a really cool new family: Liderson and Maria.  and also another guy: marvin whos the security guy here in the office.  Bueno, twas a good week and there are more to come, hope all is well back home
Elder Smith

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